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What Makes a Perfect Smile?

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What Makes a Perfect Smile?

There are many opinions out there about what makes a perfect smile because a smile that is perfect for one person may be completely out of place on another. HEALTH presents an overview on the perfect smile.

The rational study of the beauty of a smile is what is called “Aesthetic Dentistry”. The numbers, ratios and proportions obtained from that research help and guide dentists to understand what they consider a beautiful smile. Therefore, in order to achieve the perfect smile, personalized attention, an overall understanding of facial and dental aesthetics and the ability to visualize and create it, is required.

The Aspects

1. Harmony – There is harmony between the smile, facial form and features, and even some psycho-social aspects of each patient. Funnily enough, having perfectly symmetrical teeth isn’t the answer. They may be symmetrical in your mouth, but they may clash with the asymmetrical nature of your other facial features. For this, skilled cosmetic dentists strive to achieve an aesthetically pleasing balance when crafting the perfect smile.

2. Size – The size and shape of the lips, gums, teeth and face all come into play. On the perfect smile, attractive ratios are of the utmost importance. Horizontal reference lines need to be as parallel as possible to create a cohesive aesthetic composition. The width of the smile should be at least half the width of the face; anything narrower won’t strike the right balance.

3. Symmetry – The upper and lower lips should be symmetrical on either side of the midline of the face.

4. Color – The gums should be pink, which is how healthy gums look naturally.

5. Top Teeth – The top teeth should be dominant, and a small portion of the bottom teeth should show. All of the visible teeth should, of course, be straight.

6. Natural – As far as coloring goes, a bright, white smile is great, but it’s crucial not to take things too far. After all, the perfect smile looks completely natural. Many factors have to be taken into consideration when designing a perfect smile. However, through cosmetic dentistry and a complete smile makeover, anyone can achieve a perfect smile.

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