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Geriatic Patients

Geriatric oral health care for older adults involves diagnosing, preventing, and treating problems associated with normal aging and age related diseases.

For elderly patients the most common treatments are partial or complete dentures for missing teeth, and Dental Implants for fixed and permanent teeth. However, the decision to place dental implants in geriatric population will depend upon the condition of the bone as with age, the bone tends to undergo continuous bone remodelling leading to change in shape and flattening of the ridge thereby making it difficult to place dental Implants. In such situations, the dentist tries to save the remaining teeth for as long as possible, and if most of the teeth are lost, partial or complete dentures are the only option available.

At Thumbay Dental Hospital, we believe providing special care to the geriatric patient, which is of prime importance to us.

Geriatric patients have underlying medical conditions, which make dental treatments difficult to perform. Additionally, they are anxious and fearful of dental treatments as well.

Our team of specialists manage these patients through counselling, and if required perform treatment under general anaesthesia in collaboration with Thumbay University Hospital, Ajman.

Geriatic Patients

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