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Comprehensive Oral Examination

A comprehensive oral examination is done for all our patients. During oral examination, all dental needs are identified and explained to the patient. Also, signs and symptoms that may indicate any underlying disease are brought to the notice of the patient and further referrals are made. As part of every examination we evaluate the blood pressure, height and weight of every patient. Diagnostic aids are used to arrive at the final diagnosis.

The different diagnostic tools available in Thumbay Dental Hospital are as under

  • Intra-Oral Periapical X-ray (Dental X-ray)
  • 2D Full mouth X-ray (Panorama) & Lateral Cephalogram
  • 3D X-ray (CBCT)
  • Lab Investigations at Thumbay Labs (CABRI Accredited Lab)

Intra- oral Periapical X-ray (Dental X-ray)

A periapical X-ray is routinely used to help in the diagnosis of extent of dental disease limited to single or few teeth. It is used for Dental Caries, localized pus in the gums, Root canal treatments, missing teeth, and prior to extraction of teeth.

2D Full mouth X-ray (Panorama) & Lateral Cephalogram

A parorama also called an Orthopanthogram (OPG) is routinely used to help in the diagnosis and treatment planning in situations where multiple teeth are involved. It is useful in the third molar related pain, cysts and tumors, Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, sinusitis, fractures, treatment planning for Dental Implants, Jaw joint pains, gum disease etc;


CBCT in Dentistry

CBCT (Cone beam computerised tomography) is an advanced dental imaging modality. It is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. This technology produces 3-D images of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. It provides multiplanar view like the medical CT. The CBCT software can create a three dimensional image using multiple image sections. It is a useful diagnostic aid and treatment planning tool. In dental implantology, CBCT helps in evaluating a 3-D view of the jaw bone. The image acts as a guide and aids the surgeon plan his surgery for accurate placement of the dental implant. Its other uses are in oral surgical procedures in accurately localizing the position of impacted teeth, jaw pathologies and fractures. It also finds use in planning for Cosmetic surgeries. CBCT also aids the dentist in performing endodontic procedures in situations where the tooth structure is different from the standard. In periodontics, CBCT aids in determining the exact nature of bony defects in the jaw bones. The major advantages of CBCT is to be able to scan the bone and the soft tissues at the same time. The procedure is comfortable and painless to the patient. CBCT is also used in specialities like orthodontics and pedodontics. With ever increasing applications and advances, CBCT is the imaging modality dentistry will be relying on in the future years


Lab Investigations for oral examination at Thumbay Labs (CABRI Accredited Lab)

In many situations we require to evaluate different parameters of the blood, saliva, stools, biopsies for cysts and tumours’ diagnosis. All such tests can be done at Thumbay Labs within the same complex for patient convenience.


Oral Medicine in Dentistry & Oral Examination

Oral Medicine: Oral Medicine is the Diagnosis and management of disorders or conditions which could affect the oral and maxillofacial region and covers diseases of the oral mucosa, disorders of the orofacial region, orofacial pain, and disorders of the salivary glands.

  • Oral medicine helps the dentist to predict and treat the oral manifestations from systemic abnormalities. (Example: Diabetes, HIV)
  • Oral medicine also helps the dentist to provide oral healthcare to the medically compromised patient.
  • Oral Medicine is useful in conservative treatment of any red or white lesions which may be presented in the patient’s mouth. If the dentist suspects any underlying malignancy, a biopsy is suggested.
  • Deleterious habits lead to precancerous lesions and oral malignancy. As part of the conservative treatment and surgical treatment it is important to ensure that patient’s stop use of deleterious substances or any traumatic sharp edges of teeth are taken care to ensure full healing of the lesions and this is taken care in the Oral Medicine department.

Thumbay Dental Hospital has a tie up with Thumbay Labs which is CABRI accredited and all laboratory investigations can be done with convenience for the patient.

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