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Invisalign / Aligners -Invisible braces

Wires and brackets are treatments of past. Invisalign/Aligners are transparent braces that give patient the flexibility to remove them and wear them.

Why should we opt for Invisible braces/Invisalign/Aligners?

Traditional braces have a metallic appearance, and if we are looking out for something invisible that does not alter the appearance of the teeth, Aligners are the perfect choice

Working adults can easily have their teeth corrected without any effect on their profession. It is has a shorter duration of treatment as compared to traditional braces. The follow up visits also take up less time as compared to the traditional braces. As the aligners are removable, it is easier to continue to maintain a good oral hygiene.


How do they work?

The entire treatment is done with the set of removable trays, which need to be changed every week to ten days. Each tray that is used allows the movement of the teeth to the desired position.

The dentist does a thorough evaluation to recommend aligners to the patient.The dentist will generally take pre-treatment photographs, study models of your teeth and share it with the authorized vendor to provide a treatment plan. Before you finalize the treatment you are given the option to see what will be your final look. It is called “Simulation”. You can also suggest changes to the final look.

Invisalign/Aligners are transparent braces that give patient the flexibility to remove them and wear them. Expert Panel of Doctors

It is recommended aligners are worn 22 hours a day, or as prescribed by Orthodontist.

The treatment duration can be anywhere between 12-24 months depending upon the extent of the treatment required to correct the malalignment.

After the treatment is completed, fixed or removable retainers are worn for up to 2-years depending on the advice of the Orthodontist.

Aligners the latest, aesthetic options for correcting your smile to give you a healthy, natural smile that you want to boost confidence and image.


Comfortable to use

Easy to use, as sequential order is provided by the orthodontist to wear the trays in defined intervals.

Continue to enjoy your favourite foods and drinks as the aligners have to be removed while eating or drinking.

Easy to maintain, as clear aligners can be cleaned with a toothbrush and water.

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