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Quality Dental Care


Quality Healthcare

Thumbay Network of Hospitals constantly strives to achieve global standards in international quality.

We are the proud winners of Sheikh Khalifa Excellence award for 2018. Our Hospitals are also Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited – the most prestigious healthcare certification.

With the sound principles and foundation, Thumbay Dental Hospital will follow the path of Thumbay Network of Hospitals to deliver high-quality care to patients.

Thumbay Dental Hospital aims to deliver painless, time-efficient, cost-effective and reliable services to patients.

Thumbay Dental Hospital uses the latest high-tech technology in providing quality dental treatment. The hospital has adopted a host of technological offerings aimed at providing superior patient convenience.

Our consultation rooms are ultra-modern with state-of-the-art equipment. We have an in-house, well-equipped modern dental lab, thus giving us the advantage of providing precise dental products used for rehabilitation and other treatments.

Among the technologies adopted by Thumbay Dental Hospital, the latest ones include endodontic microscopes; lasers; aligners for orthodontic treatment; All on 4 Implants for full mouth rehabilitation; intra-oral scanners for ease in taking Impressions for crowns and bridges; CAD CAM services for latest in crowns and bridges and aesthetic fillings; and CBCT technology, which is a three-dimensional radiography to help in the diagnosis, planning & treatment.

We have also partnered with Thumbay Labs – the only CABRI certified lab of the region which uses advanced technology to provide accurate medical reports for patients.

Thumbay Dental Hospital has integrated wireless technology into the hospital systems. Furthermore, Hospital Information System (HIS) is fully implemented, enabling speedy ordering of materials, prompt report generation, and quick retrieval of patients’ files and records.

Optimal use of Information Technology is a hallmark of Thumbay Hospitals.

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