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Dental Braces-Orthodontics

All of us want to smile with Confidence

If something bothers us about our smile, it can negatively impact our confidence. If you want to fix crooked or protruding teeth, reduce the gaps between the teeth, or ensure proper alignment so that you have a healthy bite, then our team of expert orthodontists can help you.


There are multiple options available with us to suit your need

1. Braces (metal and clear braces),
2. Self-Ligating (the wire has elastic memory to help in the movement of teeth),
3. Invisalign or aligners (transparent braces),
4. Surgical orthodontic treatment (if any jaw correction is required to achieve the results).

Orthodontics is a specialty discipline of dentistry that focuses on alignment of the teeth and jaws to improve a person’s smile and oral health. The teeth malposition can cause the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. In the current scenario there is no age limitation for orthodontic treatment (Braces treatment)


Traditional braces are the most effective at treating extreme malposition’s of teeth. These are widely used all over the world. The main disadvantage of traditional metallic braces is the metallic display when we smile and talk. However, the greater advantage is that any type of teeth malposition can be corrected and the orthodontist has greater control over these kind of braces

Metal Braces scaled

Metal Braces


Self-Ligating Braces (frictionless or rapid braces) are special kind of braces which have self-lock system to embrace the wire in place and there is friction generated which supports for rapid tooth movement. The advantage of this system is due to less plaque accumation the patient has better oral hygiene. Also the treatment duration is less as compared to the non-self-ligating systems


Ceramic braces appear similar to the tooth colour and blend in with teeth. These are esthetically superior to the traditional metal braces where the metatic smile is minimized. In earlier days the patients had the option of ceramic brackets with metal wire. We now have clear wires as well thus more and more adults are opting for this type of braces as it conveniently allows them to continue in their daily routine without altering the aesthetics and speech.

Ceramic Barces scaled

Ceramic Braces


Lingual braces offer a great cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces; these are placed behind the teeth. The laboratory is used to customize the brackets for each patient and he receives it in 3-4 weeks after the initial visit. This method has its own limitations to treat various kinds of teeth irregularities.

Lingual Braces scaled

Lingual Braces

CLEAR ALIGNERS (Invisible Aligners) (Invisaligners)

Clear aligner therapy is the new era in Orthodontics, which is technologically advanced method especially focusing on esthetic concern for self-conscious adult individuals. In a recent times it was estimated that 11% of orthodontic care was provided with clear aligners. The Orthodontist intiates the treatment through appropriate diagnosis, treatment planning, with the help of a digital analysis. Clear Aligner system uses 3D graphic imaging and CAD/CAM technology to fabricate under the doctor’s guidance. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks period prior to being replaced by next aligner and continues till the end as suggested by the technologist. Clear Aligners are easy to maintain, aesthetically acceptable and comfortable to use.

Clear Aligners scaled

Clear Aligners


Also known as corrective jaw surgeries which are performed with a team comprising of an Orthodontist, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. Especially where there is severe jaw (bone) excess / deficient growth these surgeries are performed. The surgery aims to realign the jaws and teeth and enhance facial appearance, proper breathing, chewing, and speaking. Jaw surgeries are performed after cessation of growth usually in adult patients.


Orthognathic Surgery

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