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Dental Fillings

Tooth Restorations/Fillings- Dental Health is Important

Dental restoration or dental fillings are used to prevent further decay of the tooth, stop tooth sensitivity, and help to restore the normal function of the tooth. This can result due to dental caries (dental decay), cracked teeth and teeth that have been damaged due to extensive grinding from opposing teeth or bad oral habits like nail biting etc.


Symptoms and Indications for which Dental Fillings are done

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Cavities due to decay
  • Fracture of teeth
  • Wear of the tooth enamel due to grinding from opposing teeth.
  • Small pits on the tooth surfaces which may be black or brownish in color as a result of decay
  • Small fissures on the tooth surface similar to small pits extending on the tooth surfaces and may be black or brown in color.

About The Procedure

The dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth with the help of dental hand piece and give it an appropriate shape to retain the filling material in place. This is then restored with the help of different filling materials available as per the indication of the tooth and strength of chewing forces that tooth will have to bear. The top surface of the filling over the tooth is adjusted to ensure all teeth in the above and lower jaws meet appropriately.

To repair the cracked or broken down teeth, the dentist will similarly prepare the tooth appropriately to be able to receive the restoration material and bear the stresses of the forces of chewing.

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Different types of Fillings materials

Several types of teeth filling materials are available, like composites, glass ionomer, gold fillings, and porcelain fillings. Silver Amalgam was one of the oldest restorative materials which has no use now due to the use of mercury in these types of materials which is toxic in nature.


Tooth-Colored Composite

Composite restorations are the most preferred material for filling for the following reasons:

  • The composite material is aesthetic in appearance and allows a perfect color match with the tooth which it is restoring.
  • The material forms a good bond with the tooth structure once the bonding agent is applied to the tooth and the material is cured with a UV light.
  • The composite material contains a photo-initiator which allows the dentist to control the working time thus allows a perfectly fit filling to the tooth cavity.
  • Manipulation of the composite restoration is easy and also allows detailed carving on the restoration surface, to replicate the look of a natural tooth.
  • The bulk fill variety of composite restoration allows for a much higher compressive strength; thereby allowing the tooth to withstand higher stresses in the posterior tooth area.

Glass Ionomer Restorative materials

This is also used for filling of teeth in specific areas of the tooth surfaces due to its characteristics. It is silicate glass powder which has excellent bonding properties to the tooth surface and is used for cavities as a result of tooth trauma on the sides of teeth, where other tooth materials are less effective.

At Thumbay Dental Hospital, our dentists have the most advanced composite materials to fill your cavities that match the color of your teeth. These fillings are done with Light Activated Systems.A cavity that is left unfilled will progress till the nerve and cause pain if left untreated. Hence, it is best to fill up all cavities on time once the dentist informs you about them.


CAD CAM Technology for Dental Fillings

We also have the latest option where we use modern Digital Technology which enables us to provide perfect porcelain fillings in One Single Visit. It also lasts longer and is aesthetically more beautiful than other filling materials.

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