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Thumbay Healthcare Division Becomes 5th Healthcare Group in the World to Receive JCI ‘Enterprise’ Accreditation

Thumbay Healthcare Division Becomes 5th Healthcare Group in the World to Receive JCI ‘Enterprise’ Accreditation

United Arab Emirates: Aligned with the efforts of UAE leaders to position the country as the number one destination for medical tourism, Thumbay Healthcare Division has recently achieved “JCI Enterprise Accreditation” from the Joint Commission International, making it the fifth healthcare group in the world to receive this prestigious title.

The Joint Commission International is a USA based global leader and world’s largest healthcare accreditor. JCI’s Gold seal of Approval is widely recognized certification representing the most comprehensive quality evaluation process in healthcare industry. JCI enterprise accreditation standards are designed to ensure a safe care environment which reduces the risk for care recipients and care givers, promotes alignment and consistency, efficiency across the facilities, demonstrates system wide continuous and sustained improvement, reduce healthcare cost and improve outcome and patient experience across enterprise’s healthcare facilities.

JCI Enterprise survey focuses on enterprise’s central governance and leadership oversight, common organizationally and functionally aligned policies and procedures, patient centered care, quality of care oversight and patient safety. The accreditation further endorses the Thumbay Healthcare Division’s quality and care excellence with its compliance to standards, reflecting the standardization of quality care across its network of hospitals.

Healthcare accreditation journey of Thumbay Healthcare Division is a continuous and ongoing process. Started with its flagship healthcare facility – Thumbay Hospital Ajman’s JCI accreditation in 2013, followed by Thumbay Hospital Fujairah, Thumbay Hospital Dubai in 2016, Thumbay Dental Hospital in 2019 and consecutive reaccreditation of all facilities. The most recent accreditation has been of Thumbay University Hospital in 2022. Moreover, Thumbay Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital has been awarded the prestigious international accreditation (CARF) in 2023.

Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Vice President of Thumbay Healthcare Division at Thumbay Group, commented: “JCI Enterprise accreditation is a testament of the leadership and excellence that characterizes our healthcare system through its application of all international standards and its adoption of the principles of quality, excellence, and best practices throughout the network. Today, this accreditation comes as a culmination of our achievements and an encouragement for our commitment to continue the legacy we have achieved over twenty five years of a diligent group, providing the best in healthcare and medical education in the region and beyond.”

He added: “We are proud of the standards of excellence adopted by our healthcare network, providing standardized high-quality healthcare services thereby implementing the vision of the UAE to be at the forefront in providing healthcare of the highest international standards for citizens and residents, and a leading destination for medical care and medical tourism for all countries in the region.”

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